Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011

The first reading group of 2011 was held in both locations on Jan. 20. At the prison, we had a very lively discussion. We asked, is capitalism worth keeping, with all it's flaws. The group was divided. Several men said emphatically yes. Others imagined a hybrid system that could account for people who can't get work, have disabilities, records, or other impediments to self sufficiency. The debate moved from debates of whether or not theAmerican dream was alive just needing to be embraced to who makes decision of whether one is 'worthy' of aid or how do
we as a society measure someone elses' need?

Above and below are 2 responses to the book from Roberto and Ruben. To get a closer look at these responses, e-mail Amy Partridge or I. For now I won't put the whole file on the blog b.c of size.

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